What It Means To Work At Provision Lab, Inc.

A position at Provision Lab is both rewarding and impactful. Provision Lab prides itself as an organization by the people that work tirelessly to bring love and freedom to every community. 

It starts with our vision of a safe, secure, and free community and then is put into action with our strong belief in collaboration and community engagement.

Provision Lab offers an exciting and fulfilling opportunity to truly revolutionize our culture with love and freedom. 


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Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Cheesy. We know. But, in this case it really applies. Dreaming big is a part of our nature here at Provision Lab and it takes more than any one individual to make it happen. Provision Lab is made up of passionate individuals that when working as a team, can achieve lasting change in our communities.


If you are interested in a position with Provision Lab, please download and fill out the application and send to with a copy of your resume.



Currently accepting applications for the following (click title for job description): 

Assistant Program Director

Deadline is June 1 to submit application


If you are interested in a volunteer or intern position, please visit HERE.