200 Mile Ruck March
to Mar 29

200 Mile Ruck March

As a father to a beautiful little girl, I could never imagine her experiencing the injustice of human trafficking. And yet so many children in our state live with this tragedy as their reality every single day. The average age of minors when they enter trafficking is 13 and the average lifespan of victims after they have entered that life is 7 years. I have dedicated my life to doing as much as I can to fight this injustice but I am only one person and cannot acheive this alone. 

United, we can accomplish so much more and free so many of these victims. Every single high school I have spoken at has had a victim come forward of sexual abuse or trafficking. And when I have asked them what made them come forward, they have told me that they had no idea what trafficking was until hearing this information and it only took one time for them to hear it to be able to identify their lives as not free. From there Provision Lab has partnered with law enforcement, other nonprofit services for counseling and housing, and connected with prosecutors to work to save these girls as well as every single girl that we have not yet found.

I can assure you that there are multiple agencies and people that are passionate about rescuing these girls and I, and Provision Lab, are honored to be a part of that group. However, a fight of this magnitude can only be won with enlisting as much support and raise as much awareness as possible.

I need your help. Let's declare a war on human trafficking together and provide support and resources in a way that can bring this essential help to every child and adult that is forced into a life no person should ever have to experience. 

On March 25, I will be ruck marching 200 miles from Monee, Illinois to our state capitol in Springfield to engage our community leaders, legislators, churches, businesses, schools, and any other agency looking to join this movement. 

And for every $100 raised, I will add 1 pound in the bag on my back. And although the cap for weight will be 100 pounds, any extra funds and every dollar will go directly to supporting these efforts that have already lead to 2 girls in our local comunities finding out what freedom is in the last month. 

Looking to get more involved in some way? Please email me at jordan.mitchell@provisionlab.org.

Thank you for your support as we aim to declare and WIN the war against human trafficking in the state of Illinois.



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The RFTL 5K gives people the chance to directly affect and create lasting change in their own communities. With the RFTL 5K and Freedom In Action, we are able to reach into our communities and empower its people to have an impact in the identification, rescue, and prevention of sexual exploitation and labor trafficking.

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Love In Action is a coordinated effort to support families and individuals who need physical resources and assistance. This is accomplished through the collaboration of local churches and business, professional, government and social service communities working together to transform their communities.

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