Community Development: How Passion And Sacrifice Can Mean Revolution

Memorial Day is intended to remind us and give us a platform to show respect and honor those fallen soldiers who have given their lives for our freedoms in this nation. One phrase we very commonly use to describe their selfless service is they have paid the ultimate sacrificeWe honor that sacrifice because they have made the decision to represent our larger community that is the United States of America and fight against any effort to take American lives and eliminate American freedoms. 

That same intense ownership is what started the independence of this country that was fought for in the American Revolution. It's the same thread of patriotism that fought for the freedom for all in the Civil War. And it's the same passion for justice that fueled hearts, minds, and action in World War II. 

But not all wars for the American promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were fought with guns and uniforms. James Madison and our other founding fathers started forming our nation's ideals and principles well before a single shot was fired in the revolution. Susan B Anthony devoted her life to develop a nation that would consider females as equals. Martin Luther King Jr. made it his life to develop our nation's community into one that promoted integration, not segregation. Our nation has been formed not solely by lead and gunpowder, but by passionate people willing to sacrifice their lives through hard work, blood, sweat, and countless tears for a belief in a better community. 

Provision Lab exists because our team feels that mentality does not need to only live in our history books. We as a community of people are not only capable of revolutionizing our society, but it is our duty to always pursue a better nation. Patriotism does not end at a national level. Patriotism is a willingness to develop our communities, locally and nationaly. Change the status quo. Not being content with complacency. 

Who we are as a country is defined by our actions and our inactions and it starts at a local level. We can make a difference and you are an essential part of this movement. You are needed to truly move our communities in the right direction. Our mission at Provision Lab to develop our communities with hope, love, and freedom, the ideals that make this country one of opportunity, is not possible without you.

So what can you do? Be a catalyst for action. Make action a priority for change. Donate. Volunteer. Stepping into action can be as simple as subscribing to our newsletter. We will send you new ways to take action and get involved in your local communities.Sacrifice something for the sake of your fellow Americans and your local communities.

You not only can make a difference, you might BE the difference.