The RFTL 5k Makes Solving Human Trafficking Easier Than You Think

At the surface this may just seem like another Saturday 5k, but if you look a little deeper you will see what sets this community driven 5k apart. Run For Their Lives [RFTL] is action against human trafficking. You will be running for the people who cannot run for themselves. You will be raising awareness to keep our communities safe. You will save lives.

In 2014, with passion and our mission, we set out to take steps to end human trafficking. Year one proved that awareness was severely lacking, and in order to end this tragedy we needed to start there. Once awareness grew, people became engaged in the solutions. From that point, passionate people willing to sacrifice their time and a few dollars made ending human trafficking more possible than ever before.

Since then, over 1000 people have taken action through the RFTL 5K. They have engaged with real and actionable ways to be a part of the solution. With their registration and through spreading awareness, those people have helped to make Provision Lab’s investigative efforts and preventative methods possible.

Your support, through registration and/or donation, contributes to rescuing victims across our communities. We take each dollar extremely seriously by looking to make each cent efficient in the process to take down traffickers and rescue victims like, Megan.

Megan was a 13 year old girl with a normal 13 year old life at home. Her and her parents got along and only disagreed about simple things like homework and sleepovers. She left practice one day with intent to walk home and was taken by a man in a red service truck. Her life was turned upside down as he used drugs and threats of violence to control her. She was thrown into a life of trafficking.

One day, after months of investigation and case building, a team of officers kicked down the man’s door, put him in cuffs and opened the boarded room she had been kept in. They pulled her from that room, from that life and gave her something she longed for; hope.

When you register or donate, you lead to that hope. You give her a chance and a life that she could only dream about.

In our 5th year, we aim to make it the biggest year yet and we need you to make that a reality. Join us in celebrating hope and freedom given to those so far and to continue supporting efforts to bring freedom to those victims we have not found yet.


Register For The RFTL 5k

Saturday, September 22 @ 8AM

Firemen's Park

Monee, IL 60449

You can still take action without running.

Your donations go directly to the efforts to investigate, prevent, and continue building awareness for human trafficking. For example, at Provision Lab, we have begun to train utility field staff on how to identify human trafficking so we can catch it in our communities. That training is not possible without your donations. 

Carolyn Rader