Micro Pantries "Take what you want. Leave what you can."

Imagine your family being able to have access to food and common necessities 24 hours a day.  Not having to wait for a food truck or for a food pantry to open.   Receiving the necessary assistance can seem impossible, daunting and sometimes even overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  Thanks to Micro Pantries ability for continued and simple support, it's not only possible but is something Provision Lab is excited to introduce to communities.  

What Are Micro Pantries?

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Micro pantries are an amazing and efficient way to provide continuous support to families in need in your community. The impact for families in need as well as a platform for the community to help those families is unlike any other.

 It is a small structure, roughly about the size of half a standard refrigerator.  They are made with siding and shingles to ensure the structure is low maintenance and weather resistant.  They are stocked with non-perishable items such as can goods, dry pasta, oatmeal and baby food. 


Micro pantries are more than just food. It can also be stocked with diapers, feminine products, and common healthcare items. Hygiene products, diapers, and many other day-to-day essential products can be donated using micro pantries. With so many uses and its easy access, families are able to get the assistance they need every day

Armed with the unique position to bring micro pantries to your community, there is no better opportunity to be a part of the solution. Community development starts with its people and micro pantries are a way to positively impact your communities families in need.

3 Micro Pantries coming to Monee, IL on Aug 4!

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Provision Lab is proud to bring you Action: Love Monee.  An event created to connect communities, organizations and volunteers to impact underserved areas of southeastern Will County.

  • Community Service Projects:  9 AM to 12PM.

  • Share and Care Event: 12 PM to 3 PM

  • FREE Concert and Cookout: 5 PM to 7 PM


Learn more about this event and how you can take action at provisionlab.org/love 

Whether you're looking to use micro pantries or support them, they provide an opportunity for everyone in a community.

You can support families in need by:

  • Donate Money (Click Here) - Your donation will go to supporting the build and stocking of the local Micro Pantries to ensure families in need get the assistance necessary. This is our biggest need to expand Micro Pantries to as many high need area as possible so every hungry child can have dinner that night.
  • Donate Items at Action: Love [Monee] (Click Here) - Non-perishable items that you donate can make a huge difference for a family in need. Hygiene products and even diapers can also go a long way to support families.
  • Adopt a Micropantry (Contact: kelly.dettlaff@provisionlab.org) - Maintenance and upkeep are necessary to making sure Micro Pantries are as effective as possible.

No matter what you choose to do, you're making a difference in the lives of many families just by getting involved. 

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice.”

- Nelson Mandela