Passion Is A By-Product


“Nothing is good enough to earn your passion before you do it.”

Seth Godin, American author and successful businessman


From my own personal experience, I have found that it often takes initiative or right actions to trigger right feelings. Sometimes the right actions have to come first. You may never want to, but if you just go ahead, take initiative, start giving, start serving, the want to may often follow.

The word initiative comes from the Latin initiare, meaning “to begin.” Initiative involves both seeing the need and acting on it. Shakespeare made the profound but simple statement, “Nothing will come of nothing.”

As we learn in all of our relationships, loving people is complicated. The ones we help can sometimes let us down, betray us, dismiss us, hurt us--sometimes with intent and sometimes not. The secret to long-term relationships and loving people is to continue to engage in compassion.

A very wise man told me a long time ago, “Love is a decision, David, not a feeling. If it’s a feeling then you will fall in and out of love with your wife on a regular basis. True love is a commitment and must start there. The feelings will follow.” Understanding that love is a decision and not a feeling is critical to us making a long-term impact in our communities.

No longer living for ourselves, but living in order to benefit others is true generosity.  Our natural human tendency is to be  selfish--to only respond when we feel like it. The writings of St. Matthew captured this great truth in a few words: “Wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Do the right thing and your heart will follow. If you keep your time, talent and treasure to yourself you will be considerably self-centered and limit your impact. But if you make the choice to expand your calendar and your pocketbook to include others, your passion will also deepen and grow.

By Dave Short