Pumpkin Spice and Other Things Nice


Pumpkin spice is about to invade your life. 

You’ll see it in the usual places like coffee shop lattes and luxuriously scented candles, but somehow it seems to takeover even the most sacred products: our chocolates, breakfast cereals and ice cream. Seriously. Does anyone even like pumpkin spice that much? Do we need it in our DQ Blizzards and beloved Cheerios?! If that’s you, it’s ok. Eat and drink it all up and enjoy your season. We will patiently wait for our regular items to return. 

Pumpkin spice season is so much more than just a flavor. It signals the end of hot summer fun and ushers in a cooler, cozier way of life. It brings with it a chance to reflect upon the year that’s already passed while giving hope of just enough time to still accomplish what’s left on your 2019 to-do list. 

As we look back upon our year at Provision Lab, we’ve seen communities impacted and lives changed. We’re humbled to be a part of the movement as we bring awareness to human trafficking and strive to end modern-day slavery. 

Here’s what 2019 has looked like for us so far:

  • Chinatown: Through monthly meetings and trainings we’ve seen a rise in awareness and community involvement, as well as a developing network of volunteers who can help trafficking victims directly. With the collaborative efforts of all involved, we’ve identified and reported 3 massage parlors for their roles in trafficking. 

  • Bridgeport Free Clinic: We worked with medical students and attending physicians to create a screening protocol to help identify victims of trafficking. 

  • Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force: We teamed up with the Salvation Army Stop It Program to train Chicago Public School teachers and social workers how to identify and consider potential human trafficking victims. We also attend monthly meetings to collaborate on training and advising Cook County's communities, businesses, and organizations on trafficking

  • 200 Mile Ruck March: A Provision Lab Director successfully completed a march to Springfield, Il, to raise awareness and funds for our anti-trafficking efforts. Upon reaching the state’s capital, he met with 40 different State Representatives.

  • 28 Miles to Freedom: A group of high school students walked 28 miles in one day to raise awareness and funds for efforts against human trafficking. They raised approximately $1,800 and sold shirts to help further the conversation.

  • School Talks and Trainings: We’ve spoken to students and trained entire faculty and staff on indicators for victims and at-risk students.

  • Curriculums: We developed 2 more curriculums to be used for community awareness and prevention events: 

    •  Youth and Social Media - Teaches parents and youth about the dangers and possible risks of social media, and encourages open conversation in the home about online presence and interactions.

    • Buyers Be Aware - Focuses on men and teaches them about who the victims really are that are sold into sex slavery. It gives men tangible tools to have open communication with friends, family, and sons about how the fight against buying starts with them. 

We’re energized as we look at what we’ve been able to accomplish so far in 2019. It’s awesome momentum as we finish out the year and plan for the next. If you’re looking for ways to get involved check out provisionlab.org for volunteer opportunities, upcoming events or ways to donate. We’d love to have you join our vision, pumpkin spice and all. 


About Author: Andi Franklin, Board Member


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