Provision Lab Inc. Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner with us! As Provision Lab grows, we wish to bring along more strategic partners that will enhance development of every community possible. Churches, Schools, Businesses, and Municipalities all play an essential role in revolutionizing our communities with love and freedom.

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Church Partnerships offer an unique advantage to enact change in a community. Outreach from a church through volunteering and funding with Provision Lab can be an extremely effective method to developing a community. Church Partners of Provision Lab are granted full support and facilitation to achieve community development and the empowerment of its citizens.

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Businesses are capable of reaching out into a community like no other organization. By partnering with Provision Lab, every business can expect to become a beacon for positive impact in their communities. Through resources, volunteers, in-kind donations, and funding, Provision Lab and Business Partners are able to create lasting development in a way that can only be described as revolutionary. Every community event, service project, and event to end human trafficking becomes stronger and more effective as a joint effort.

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Our youth are our future and when a school partners with Provision Lab, we gain the ability to facilitate our youth's passion for a better tomorrow. Students, Faculty, and Staff, through volunteering and community service projects, are able to have a hand directly involved with their community's development. We also help students learn how to fundraise and bring progress to their ideas and dreams in an effective and impactful way.

Become A Provision Lab Inc. Partner

If you are a business, church, or school looking to partner with Provision Lab, then please fill and submit the form below. Once we receive your submitted interest to becoming a partner, one of our Team Members will reach out to discuss with you the most strategic and beneficial partnership options.

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