What Is Provision Lab?


Our Mission Statement


We share the love of Christ by bringing people together to help the oppressed, alleviate the impact of hunger in all its forms and counter human trafficking both locally and nationally; all without discrimination to race, religion or sexual identity. 


Our Approach

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Starts With Community

Building awareness is essential to a community's ability to bring effective change. What we have found to be true, as well, is that when a community becomes more aware of the issues that can plague that community, the people are often incubators for development. 

Empowering citizens to play a role in their community's development requires education and an understanding that lasting change is possible and obtainable. Through efforts like the RFTL 5K, Action: Love, and Action: Freedom, we are able to bring the platform for change directly to the community. That kind of awareness leads to engagement and an ownership mindset as to what kind of community they want their children growing up in. 

Once a community has taken that ownership of its own outcomes, security, and value, the progress becomes never ending and the result is revolutionary.



Municipality Partnerships

Municipalities play an integral role in establishing a culture in their communities. When Provision Lab and Municipalities work together, we are able to re-engage the community in a new way that can re-calibrate the existing culture into a community focused on love and freedom. 

The way we do that is by first gaining a firm understanding of that community's specific urgent needs for social development. Once those are understood, we begin developing a strategy that aligns with our two programs' focus in providing hands on support. Like the municipality leaders, our mission is to create a culture of safety, provision, freedom, and love that meets the community where they are at. 

To accomplish this, we provide a platform for those who can enact change to reach the people who are in need. When a community is given the opportunity to have an effect in their own development, we not only providing opportunity for physical resources and training to those entrusted with leading and enforcing, but we also provide empowerment to every citizen within that community. 



Businesses And Industries 

Local businesses and even industry leaders within a community have a substantial and unique ability to supplement this culture change. Provision Lab finds that partnering with those organizations can take the burden off the community to attempt to fund or allot resources in order to further development. Not to mention, those organizations we end up partnering with have a huge heart and desire to see their communities prosper and develop into a safer, more empowered culture.

Often businesses are given opportunity to provide funding in exchange for marketing, however, we believe that business partnerships should be an important part of the change within a community. Most organizations have their own unique channels to reach citizens and other businesses to not just build awareness for the issue but to provide support and even be trained in how to create an impact in the community.

When a business or industry agrees to partner with Provision Lab, we strategize the most effective steps towards being that catalyst for community development. In an example of some utility companies, we are able to train their work force that enter communities and people's homes on how to identify human trafficking which can lead to rescuing victims and incarcerating perpetrators. That same utility company can also devote portions of their funding cycle to Provision Lab for the food, clothing, and resources for those who are in need within that community.