Facilitating Change 

Provision Lab Inc. facilitates projects and resource giving opportunities all year round to as communities as we can.  In order to create lasting development for a community, these types of projects need to be continuous and plentiful. 

Provision Lab's mission is to develop communities through its actions. But one of those actions is to facilitate those who can support and contribute to the solution.

Micro Pantries



Two locations currently with Provision Lab sponsored Micro Pantries:

Second Place Church

6370 W Emerald Parkway, Suite 102

Monee, IL 60449


Village of Monee

5103 W Court St

Monee, IL 60449



Giving To Support Community Development

Consistent service projects are really essential to ensure lasting development of a community. They are also an integral aspect of our mission to bring love to every community possible. 

Your donation will go to support consistent and productive service projects that help develop communities and families in need.



Our Recent Community Service

We at Provision Lab aim to mobilize volunteers from our staff, churches, businesses, schools, and other nonprofit organizations to ensure we serve as many communities as possible.


Church Partnerships

Communities have many organizations that are tied to the wellbeing of its people, and churches are no exception. Churches often provide volunteers, funds, and/or resources to ensure a service project is a success. Service projects at times can also require maintenance or a continuous upkeep and churches can sponsor that project ot ensure it continues to be a success even after its initial execution.

School Participation

School districts, universities, and private schools alike all look to develop their communities, and when they partner with Provision Lab, we offer them a platform for the students, faculty, and staff to reach out. Whether it be Provision Lab project or their own that we just help to facilitate, gaining local school participation into community development is essential for success.

Business Sponsorships

When a business sponsors a Provision Lab service project, it can bring an idea into reality. Through funds and/or resources, like in-kind donations, we can perform service projects to their full potential thanks to those sponsors. Business Sponsors then become aligned with our mission, that through action, every community can realize love and freedom for all of its people.

You Can Develop Through DIY Projects 


We often associate DIY (Do It Yourself) projects as only self or home improvement projects but what about doing it yourself and helping others? Community service is often left to the "professionals" like us here at Provision Lab but you, too, can do a service project in your local community.

Maybe you are looking to do something new and innovative. We solute that! Ambitious undertakings are a cornerstone to revolutionizing our communities. They are also time and labor intensive at the very least and more often than not, financially draining. There are, however, some smaller and stellar opportunities to do something new that may be more cost effective in both time and dollars.

Be creative when thinking of all the other ways to donate your time to do a community service project. Any bit of service is a great thing and we at Provision Lab proudly support your efforts. And if you do have a great idea that is a little bigger than a do-it-yourselfer then contact us. We would be happy to support and empower you in developing your community.