Information Into Evidence

There are many important reasons to collect information on potential human trafficking situations. But information is just that, information, until it is analyzed by an expert and turned into evidence that can be used to solve a case.




Our team of experts with backgrounds in military and law enforcement who also partners with federal agencies have created a system of surveillance techniques to gather information properly against potential trafficking situations. 

Patterns of behavior, systematic networking, and intimate knowledge of case building are important attributes to any surveillance operation.






Online: Social and Crowdsourced

Another important aspect of collecting information is utilizing digital tools like social media and the crowd sourced information available. Analyzing all of this information can be extremely tedious but is also essential to gathering evidence against traffickers.

Social Media and dating apps are currently on the rise for use of traffickers to recruit potential victims by pretending to be legitimate, affection seeking users. Knowing how to distinguish those profiles, often times fake, is important in gaining an edge against traffickers.





Building Evidence

Once information is collected, it needs to be analyzed and condensed into a case and passed along to law enforcement where legislators and prosecutors can collaborate to ensure there is enough evidence to put traffickers in prison for a long period of time.

You Can Support Investigation Efforts

Your support is needed and although you may not be able to perform investigation itself, your donation goes to ensuring investigation efforts can continue. Your dollars will go directly to fighting human trafficking in our area which we have already began working with local agencies to put an end to it in our communities.