According to a study done by the Polaris Project, only 2% of all potential human trafficking cases are reported each year in Illinois.

Training Organizations In Our Communities


Human Trafficking plagues our communities, cities, suburbs, and rural areas alike. Chicago is a national hub for travel and that means the neighboring municipalities, travel routes, and states experience a flood of human trafficking activity.

Providing those that work within our communities, on our streets and in homes with the resources, tools, and knowledge of how to identify and report human trafficking could mean saving many lives.

Utility, Municipal, Parks Services, Law Enforcement, Schools, Churches, and anyone else that lives and works within our communities can be trained on how to identify human trafficking.




Aqua America


Provision Lab has partnered with Aqua America Illinois to train its field staff on how to identify and report human trafficking as they are doing work in our communities, on our streets and in homes.

Their commitment to solving human trafficking has lead to a pioneering effort that will lead to potentially countless victims being rescued.






Provision Lab Inc. Has Congressional Support

Congresswoman Robin Kelly is heading the charge against human trafficking from the 2nd Congressional District in Illinois. At a Congressional Inquiry on Human Trafficking, Provision Lab was represented as an expert in the fight against human trafficking. At this solutions only roundtable, we were able to connect further with local and county level abolitionists that will lead to more progress than we have ever seen in the war against human trafficking.


You can create more change!

Support these efforts consistently and become an Action Partner.

Your donation subsidizes the costs to train them as most of those groups do not have the resources to fund such training. Once we receive your gift, it will go to work right away training another person to be the eyes and ears in your community, possibly saving countless lives and preventing human trafficking like never before.