More human trafficking happens during the Super Bowl than any other event. 

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Sexual Tourism

Every year, hundreds of victims are brought to the tourist hot spots of the Super Bowl like hotels and conference centers. This year the Super Bowl is in Atlanta, which is already in the top 5 cities in America for sex trafficking and exploitation of minors.

Prostitution Is Not Usually Consensual

Majority of prostitution in the United States goes through a handler commonly known as a pimp. That pimp will use coercion, fraud, threat, or physical abuse to control their victims. When any form of these are present, it is considered human trafficking.

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Victims Are Often Minors

The average age of entry to trafficking in the United States is 13 and when they are minors, pimps can usually charge more money.

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This year, what will you see?

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Help us to spread awareness of human trafficking. While millions watch the Super Bowl, let us also watch for these victims and together we can save lives.